How Visia Complexion Analysis Works For You

The Visia complexion analysis system has significantly improved the skin care and aesthetic consultation experience. The capture model has been freshly designed for a smooth rotation around the subject. This makes the imaging process much simpler and provides the client with more comfort.

The Visia complexion analysis identifies the condition of your skin for both subsurfaces and surfaces. This provides a multi-dimensional and clear analysis of the individual and specific areas of your complexion that are a contributing factor for your overall appearance. This includes identifying the amount of sun damage, wrinkles, and your skin texture. Your specific results are used to formulate an individualized program. This enables an optional rejuvenation program suited to your complexion and unique facial characteristics.

The system enables you to renew and maintain lasting complexion health and facial vitality using your specific complexion profile. Your rejuvenation program will include Visia imaging, specific recommendations for the health of your skin, monitoring of the vitality of your complexion, and ensure your skin care regimen remains effective as time passes. This analysis provides you with the information you need for an individualized skin care and facial rejuvenation regimen. This is matched to the uniqueness of your complexion analysis.

The Multi-spectral Imaging Of the Visia Complexion Analysis

Your imaging session will include an analysis and multi-spectral imaging so your key visual information can be captured for six different areas that impact your complexion appearance and health. These are wrinkles, pores, spots, the color variation in the tone of your skin, UV spots and any evidence your pores contain bacteria. The system also compares the characteristics of your complexion to individuals with the same skin type and age. This information is comprehensive and enables you to be offered optional regimens and treatments created specifically for you.

Your unique complexion profile is used for facial rejuvenation planning. Your skin care professional will have the analysis and imaging necessary for a skin care and rejuvenation plan based on the needs of your specific complexion. The first step to receiving individualized care and optimal skin renewal is the Visia complexion analysis. This will enable you to maintain a radiant complexion over time. This system was originally developed to further skin care research, but is currently used all over the world. If you are interested in benefiting from the Visia complexion analysis, please call to schedule your own personalized analysis.

The Finishing Touch Medspa is located in Folsom, CA.

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