Microlaser Peel

MicroLaser Facial Peel

Your face is one of the primary ways you present yourself to the world. That is why aging symptoms, scarring and sun damage, which affect the face, can have such a huge, negative impact on your look, mood and wellbeing. Many of these problems also cannot be avoided. Aging cannot be stopped and other issues, such as acne, can be managed but often not prevented. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is a primary skin defense everyone should adopt; however, this strategy only goes so far in keeping your skin looking vibrant and fresh.

But, like many men and women, you may not be ready to have an invasive treatment — like a mini facelift or chemical peel — to revive your skin. These factors have made a Micro Laser Peel a highly-attractive option for individuals who want effective rejuvenation now but do not want to spend weeks in recovery from their procedure. Micro Laser Peel offers you highly-tailored results, visible rejuvenation, that you can begin to enjoy quickly, and the convenience of a very fast treatment. Find out if you qualify for a Micro Laser Peel treatment now.

How does Micro Laser Peel work?

Micro Laser Peel uses an Erbium laser to ablate (or remove) the top layer of the skin in a precisely-controlled fashion. This process eliminates surface skin damage and also initiates the body’s healing response — the generation of more collagen and elastin — which encourages healthy, new skin to develop. The laser gives your doctor tremendous control over the depth of the treatment, so your procedure can be carefully customized to the symptoms you have, whether they are milder or more severe.

What results can a Micro Laser Peel achieve?

Micro Laser Peel can provide you with a number of key benefits in a procedure that is exceptionally convenient and also has minimal downtime.

The procedure can:

  • Eliminate skin damage such as sunspots and mild to moderate wrinkles
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Produce an improved skin appearance in just days
  • Give you the convenience of very minimal downtime

The treatment’s flexibility, effectiveness and convenience make it a procedure that anyone wishing to improve facial skin concerns will want to consider.

What will happen on the day of my Micro Laser Peel procedure?

Before having your Micro Laser Peel treatment, your provider will numb the concern area so that you feel completely comfortable throughout your procedure. Your provider will also cleanse the area before treating you. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your procedure will begin. The laser device will be adjusted to the settings ideal for your skin condition — as determined during your consultation — and then it will be carefully passed over your treatment area. The length of your session will depend to some extent on the size of the treatment area; however, on average, a single session requires less than an hour’s time in our offices.

Who is a good candidate for a Micro Laser Peel?

Micro Laser Peel is an ideal procedure to have if you want comprehensive and long-lasting results, a comfortable treatment and minimal recovery. The treatment is also highly-versatile and extremely effective, making it a wonderful alternative to more invasive skin treatments, while still producing beautiful results. In addition, the treatment is safe for all skin types and skin tones and has very little risk for pigmentation issues post-treatment, such as hyperpigmentation.

Does Micro Laser Peel treatment hurt?

Most individuals find their Micro Laser Peel treatment quite comfortable. You will have a topical anesthetic before having Micro Laser Peel to ensure your session is completely tolerable, though. During your procedure, Micro Laser Peel will produce a sensation on the skin that many patients compare to a sunburn. This symptom will feel the most intense during the first hour after treatment but will gradually fade as your skin heals over the next few days.

What can be treated with a Micro Laser Peel?

A Micro Laser Peel is an effective way to improve many common facial skin concerns, including:

  • Mild to moderate aging signs, such as wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth
  • Age spots
  • Sunspots
  • Blemishes
  • Superficial scars, such as acne scars
  • Poor skin texture
  • Enlarged pores

The areas most commonly treated by a Micro Laser Peel include the face, neck and chest. Micro Laser Peel is completely safe for all skin types and skin tones.

Your Micro Laser Peel Recovery

Micro Laser Peel has a much faster and more comfortable recovery than other comparable treatments. After you Micro Laser Peel treatment, you can expect some mild side effects, however. These typically include mild redness, swelling and tenderness. These symptoms will look and feel like a sunburn and generally last for no more than three to four days. You can use a topical balm that your doctor will recommend during this time if you feel uncomfortable. If you wear makeup, you will also need to wait a couple of days before applying it again.

Most patients can return to work, school or other social activities in about three days. Since immediate recovery is so short, you can easily schedule your treatment on a Thursday or Friday and be ready for your usual routine again by Monday; this gives Micro Laser Peel its nickname, “the weekend peel.” Micro Laser Peel patients should plan on wearing sunscreen regularly for a few months after treatment, however, to protect their new and delicate skin and ensure their results.

When will I see my Micro Laser Peel results?

The improvement in skin texture and tightness will be most noticeable after two to four weeks. Optimal results typically require having between three and five treatments, spaced three to six weeks apart. Micro Laser Peel is an effective and lasting treatment that should give you many months — or even years — of rejuvenation before needing to have any additional treatments. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and protecting your skin from the sun can extend your benefits even longer.

Why should I have a Micro Laser Peel over other similar treatments?

Micro Laser Peel represents the most advanced skin ablating laser technology today. While other treatments can reach skin depth levels of only 15 microns, Micro Laser Peel can reach depths of up to 50 microns, safely eliminating more skin damage than competing technologies. Also, your doctor can precisely adjust the depth of the Micro Laser Peel, so you get exactly the amount of rejuvenation you need. Further, Micro Laser Peel can treat specific areas of the face that need refreshing without having to treat the entire face, as with a chemical peel. Targeting problem areas give you an effective and faster treatment that also ensures you never look overdone.

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