Restore Lost Facial Volume with Fillers

Dermal fillers are products designed to help fill in facial wrinkles and lead to a smoother facial appearance. There are quite a few types of fillers, and it is important to understand the distinctions between each of them so that you can find one that offers the results you desire.

Filler Ingredients

Dermal fillers come in many different forms and contain various active ingredients. Certain substances may also be added to the active ingredient to make the product more effective or enhance patient comfort.

Some common ingredients found in dermal fillers are collagen and hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers offer significant results that are temporary; these materials will eventually be absorbed by your body.

Dermal Filler Benefits

Dermal fillers act as you would expect; they fill in soft tissues found beneath the skin’s surface. Some contain natural ingredients, while others are manufactured synthetically.

Some of the benefits of these injectables include the ability to:

* Fill in lines and wrinkles

* Improve facial imperfections like scars

* Plump hollowed cheeks

* Enhance the contours of the jawline

A Note About Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid makes an excellent choice as an active ingredient in an injectable product. Once injected, it has the ability to fill in lines and wrinkles and restore lost volume.

Good Candidates

The best candidates for this treatment are those who are not currently experiencing a skin infection or breakout. They are in good overall health and have realistic expectations regarding the treatment and the potential outcome.


Fillers are known for offering significant results in a short period of time. You will likely notice some immediate results, with wrinkle reduction that may continue to build in the following weeks after your treatment.

Getting Started

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