Skin Resurfacing in Sacramento with the Contour TRL!

Skin imperfections may make you dislike the appearance of your face, but these minor imperfections are actually easily treatable. Wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other common blemishes are all located on the top layers of the skin. Removing these thin layers of skin with a cosmetic procedure will let you get the complexion you desire. Oftentimes, the best way to safely remove your damaged facial skin is by undergoing a skin resurfacing in Sacramento. While you will have plenty of treatment options, Contour TRL® is one of the best, and for good reason.

What is Contour TRL®?

Contour TRL® is a cosmetic procedure that helps treat common facial skin imperfections using a tunable resurfacing laser. The laser energy completely destroys the damaged skin, which forces the body to grow healthy cells as a replacement. We will be able to easily tune and adjust the frequency of the laser to help precisely treat your skin issues. This customization option ensures you get the most effective skin resurfacing treatment possible. It also helps prevent your undamaged skin layers from coming in contact with the laser energy, which results in an easier recovery process. The versatility of the Contour TRL® procedure means that almost anyone can qualify to be a patient.

Details of the Procedure

There are a few things you will have to do to help prepare for your Contour TRL® appointment. You must stop using tobacco, alcohol or over-the-counter pain medication a set amount of time before your procedure. You must also avoid any skin creams containing retinoids. This will help improve your results and eliminate any unnecessary risks.

The actual procedure is performed in the comfort of our office. We will use the Contour TRL® device to deliver the customized laser energy to your skin. You will use protective eyewear throughout the appointment.

Expected Results

You will notice a huge change in your appearance once the temporary side effects like redness disappear. These amazing results will only improve over the following months as the body produces more collagen and healthy skin cells. The best thing about using Contour TRL® for skin resurfacing in Sacramento is that you may only need to undergo one treatment session to get your desired results.

When it comes to skin resurfacing in Sacramento, it’s hard to beat the results of Contour TRL® treatment at The Finishing Touch Medspa in Folsom. To learn more information, contact us today and book a consultation!

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