Rachel Pumphrey

Rachel Pumphrey has been a licensed Aesthetician since 2014. Her passion for this industry stems from personally battling acne through most of her teen and early adulthood. With the ever changing developments in skincare health, Rachel is always eager to expand her knowledge and working hand in hand with patients achieve their unique skin care goals. She enjoys helping others feel beautiful from inside and out without having to “cover-up” all the time. Her goals of reducing sensitivities and inflammation of the skin while providing a calm and relaxing environment provide the best solutions to any patients skincare or body goals. Rachel’s positive energy and friendly personality will bring out your best!

Recent Updates

How to Defy Aging with Forever Young BBL

The passage of time is inevitable, and unfortunately, so are its effects on the youthful quality of your skin— until now. The ground-breaking new technology behind Forever Young BBL by Sciton is the first and only device of its class that has been scientifically proven to restore the gene expression of aged skin to resemble…

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Ways Fat Reduction in Sacramento Can Help You

If you live in Sacramento, it is likely that you love to get outside and enjoy the fresh air during all seasons. Something that may stop you from living your life to the fullest is having unwanted fat on your body. You may not feel inclined to wear shorts, tank tops, or other active clothing.…

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Skin Resurfacing in Sacramento with the Contour TRL!

Skin imperfections may make you dislike the appearance of your face, but these minor imperfections are actually easily treatable. Wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other common blemishes are all located on the top layers of the skin. Removing these thin layers of skin with a cosmetic procedure will let you get the complexion you…

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